Louis vuitton online to this bag

Two printed classic bags that are both beautiful pieces of luggage, albeit in slightly different price ranges, are the Gucci Trolley 21” travel luggage and the Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Pegase 50  Either bag will make you glad you spent the money.With the Gucci, you cannot go wrong with the Gucci label and the house signature print that is proudly displayed  There is beautiful webbing and a rich brown color to all of the accents, with a mochalined interior  While there are not a lot of extra “bells and whistles” to this bag, the quality is superb and the name says it all  Some of us find it enough justification for the price.

The Louis Vuitton piece is sure to make an impression on any travel mates you may have or even just to those sitting next to you in the airport, awaiting their flight  This piece of luggage is similar to the Gucci in that it boasts the house signature print, but it differs in a number of ways  There are more features and pockets with this bag, and it has a silent wheel system which some travelers say is a musthave  It too comes with gold tones and rich dark brown accents

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