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The tote was smaller than I imagined, but the high quality is very good, juicy couture handbags authentic work is also very good, or liked. The Taobao with regard to so many years, this is my service encountered the most passionate and most considerate Juicy Couture pink bag stores, and shipped rapidly, no Sunday in the cargo onto the Monday, the day on the delivery, We noon the following day received. Bags authentic, from customer service is actually super good, out strategies to force away. Worthy of the actual trust the vendor. Oh well, appears good.

Is a small authentic, many benefits compared to the price of the actual mall, what is good. juicy couture purses brand ranking than likely to be small but excellent Not the very first time to be considered replicate, really good, juicy couture purses Juicy Couture brown authentic material workmanship is actually first-class liner appeared as if luxuries, a far more than a year, the metal buckle hasn't faded. is extremely strong package, place a damp fabric to clean the filthy on Okay, and LV with each other.

GOOD, I want to recommend a good package, enough to highlight a woman's charm. Taking a look at small, which may be very loaded. Handle the details. Service or Quality did not have to say, absolutely genuine, good package is not the same, the detail had been exquisite.Very fond of this particular package, this particular color is very wild.The customer service is very warm, very pleased with Juicy Couture accessories your service.Leather gentle, yes, that is a little taste should let cool sufficient package around the back of the white tag a little bit scratched, too lazy to change the general good, I want a very light models.

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