Westwood bags uk brand Anglomanian with denim brand Lee cross-border

June, VivienneWestwood launched the actual "angel wings" from the 2nd generation associated with plastic sandals, however sandals won the Millimeters 'favorite, second-generation "angel wings" continues to be the continuation from the first era These shoes sell very "fire" product Vivienne shoes uk sales performance, some buyers really are a little hesitation, and was told"late".However, in the country, these shoes are still no signs of shelves. In the country, the actual VivienneWestwood the supply is very limited. Such as shoes, household counter the tiniest footwear size with regard to 36 back yards, while in overseas, as well as Thirty four yards and Thirty-five back yards of shoes for customers to select.

Consequently, the MM putting on little dimension shoes in order to start the Vivienne Westwood footwear, only choose buying.However, with the brand name personality AlexanderMcQueen dark and eager various, Vivienne Westwood having a amusing and well-being in the alternative, so much more youthful customers desired as well as loved. The actual heroine in the smash hit film version associated with "NANA",played through Nakashima Mika Osaki Nana, 1 the VivienneWestwood the style dress, effectively created a "punk girl" image, once trigger a trend associated with Vivienne Westwood . That reduce was "a mess" whitened T-shirt, as well as small miniskirt, long-barreled net socks high boots promotion .

Vivien Westwood's character, taken the "heart" of numerous girls.This year, this particular pulsating Saturn also forthcoming for that traditional cowboy punk style. Westwood bags uk brand Anglomanian with denim brand Lee cross-border cooperation within the autumn and winter, thousand Yuan purchasing large released to Vivienne WestwoodAnglomanian and Lee number of denim clothing, ladies Skinny jeans as well as short jeans, males including Skinny.Familiar with the actual VivienneWestwood the Millimeters certainly know, this year the company released a "long" angel wings, plastic material sandals, once available, to be sold "upside down".

Vivienne shoes uk Westwood bags uk

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